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Baby Wish Cards in the Shop!

I created the baby wish cards for my nephew’s baby shower over two years ago. Boy, have they been popular! The free printables have been downloaded almost 30,000 times! I love when people link to their showers and I get to see the cards in action. It tickles me when I’m out looking for ideas for our own baby boy and find the wish cards pinned on people’s ‘baby boards’. I love keeping memories and I’m glad so many are using these to keep for their kiddos.

A few weeks ago, Jessica contacted me about customizing these for her daughter’s first birthday. She was going to have guests fill them out at the party, then pack them up and save for her daughter’s 18th birthday. Isn’t that such a fun idea?


I’ve been getting quite a few requests for custom colors and wording, as well as printed versions, so I’ve decided to offer these in our shop. There’s a customized printable option or a customized printed option.

I can’t wait to have family friends fill these out for our little guy soon!

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