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Freebie: Wish Cards

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Download your own free wish cards for showers or your own keepsake. I’ve got em in Grey, Blue, Brown, or Yellow.

Check out more design options for these baby wish cards and other fun shower games in at Happy Heart Paper Co..



52 thoughts on “Freebie: Wish Cards”

  1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. For the 1st baby shower I ever hosted, I spent hours (and $50) making a scrapbook where each guest had a double page with spaces to fill in (eye color, best thing about mom, weight, etc.). The mom (and everyone else) loved it, but I’ve never been up for recreating it. I can’t wait to use these for the next shower. Thanks again.

  2. I stumbled on your website from AshleyAnn’s and am 12 weeks pregnant. Not sure if it’s the hormones or what but I started crying when I saw this. So sweet and I just love it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is a wonderful way to show your love for the new baby. I think it will be so fun to read these wishes in 18 years!

  4. I absolutely LOVED the Wishes for Baby at my shower!!! My girlfriends had my husband fill one out prior and framed it!!! It was such an adorable idea. ( I cried) I loved reading them all with my husband after the shower!! I can’t wait to do this for other girlfriends!!!

  5. emily, so sorry for the late reply. The font is ‘susie’s hand’.

    colleen, I’m so glad to hear that! Such a sweet idea!

  6. Hi, Lauren. I love these in yellow! I am trying to create baby shower invitations that match and am planning to insert your wishes for baby cards inside for guests to fill out ahead of time. Could you share the sans serif font that “I hope that you…” etc. is printed in? Thanks for this lovely design! -Amy

  7. I love the wishes for baby in gray. How can I get them. Could you send me the directions. Thank you so much for time.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. You just click on ‘grey’ and the file opens up. You can print from there or save and print later.

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  9. I just found these while looking on Pinterest for baby shower ideas. What we did was to print them in yellow, and adhere to left side pages in an journal book. We will ask each guest to complete the statements and then on the right side of the book write some advice for the new parents to be. The book looks great. thanks.

  10. I had an idea for wish cards…but nothing like this! thank you so so much for the wonderful idea and download…………much appreciated! This is for my only sister’s actually make that my only siblings…. first baby…my first niece or nephew and I want to make the shower unforgettable…this is precious!

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