Nursery Progress

We’ve been slowly working on the nursery over the past couple of months. The biggest task was cleaning it out! This room was my craft/office space and it was FULL. Hubby knows I need deadlines and goals to finish things, so I couldn’t order the crib until the room was completely empty. That got me moving. 🙂 We ordered the Davinci Jenny Lind from Amazon and it arrived in just a few days!

Then we started the task of patching the walls (the previous owners used this room as their nursery and boy did they do some damage to the walls! I’ve just been camouflaging the spots with hanging things on the wall and covering with curtains over the past few years.) Once Mark patched and sanded everything down, I started painting. I knew I wanted a light grey and was so afraid of picking the wrong grey and having to repaint that I just went with the greys from our guest bath. I knew they looked pretty. 🙂  I painted the walls, beadboard, trim and doors. Such a long process! I used all No VOC paint and worked in a well ventilated area, should you be concerned about Baby Wade.

We ventured out to Ikea to pick up the dresser, rug, and diaper pail. Sadly, we didn’t leave with the chair I wanted. If we can’t find an alternative, I think I’ll be making a trip back over before August.

Here it is in its current state! I’ll be using the top of the dresser as a changing area, but couldn’t help but put a few of the items I’ve been collecting on top for now. I’m going with a classic/vintage/all american boy theme. And by the way, the lamp shade will be changed out. I found that little number on sale for $3 at Lowe’s a couple of years ago.  Curtains are on the agenda next. I found the perfect solution and I’m so excited to get them up!


Gender reveal eggs

We wanted to tell our families about the boy in person, so we waited 2 weeks before telling my family and 4 before telling the in laws on Easter! No, I didn’t even tell my mom early. Glutton for punishment, I tell you!

Anyhow, since we were telling everyone right before and on Easter, we went with an Easter theme.

I made these little paper mache eggs from Not Martha. I started on the egg ‘shells’ a few weeks prior to our ultrasound, making some in pink and some in blue. After the ultrasound, I stuffed them with blue grass and a baby chick revealing the gender. I made a pull tag that read ‘Our baby chick is a…’ and the chick in the egg read ‘BOY!’

I had too much fun with my little chicks….

 Look, it’s a mom, dad and baby! 😀

One of my baby chicks goofing off.

Looking back, it would’ve been much easier just to buy plastic eggs (I made nearly 20 eggs and had about 15 hours in making these suckers!), but I don’t do things the easy way. ha. And it was honestly good to have something to keep my hands and mind busy while I was impatiently waiting on our appointment and then while waiting to tell our families.

Finding out about the boy

Thanks to a wonderful ultrasound tech friend (shout out to Lauren C!), we were able to go in for a scan at around 17 weeks to find out the gender of our sweet little one. It couldn’t come soon enough. I was about to lose it waiting! We decided to not find out in the room (even though we love our friend and wouldn’t have minded sharing that moment with her), we really wanted to come back to the calm of home and really have a moment together.

It’s usually a 25 minute drive from the hospital to our house, but we left around 5 and got stuck in traffic, so it wound up taking over an hour to get home! The little box sat in the back taunting us in the beginning. Fortunately/unfortunately, all the stop and go traffic and being a passenger got me so car sick! I didn’t even think about the box most of the ride home. I was just trying to hold it together! We actually waited another 30 or 45 minutes after returning home because I just wasn’t feeling well.

We opened our box and had a wonderful dinner on the back porch gushing over the news….talking names..what he’ll look like..what kind of ‘boy’ he’d be. It was just perfect!

Here’s a little video of the adventure and our reactions! It was so fun!

Sweet hubby was so excited he started tapping his feet after we found out, so that’s the loud ‘thuds’ you hear 🙂  And without a knowledgeable ultrasound tech telling me exactly what everything was, I was very confused by what was what in the pictures!

Happy Mail!

I was thrilled to come home today to a package from Aedriel. Aedriel and I did a trade over a year ago….paper goodies for her husband’s 40th in exchange for some of her gorgeous handpainted plates! I was a little slow in deciding what I’d like, so I’m just now getting mine. I mean, go take a peak at her shop. It’s all awesome!

I wanted the bunting plate for special occasions. I don’t have a child’s name to add to it yet, so I chose to have it read ‘celebrate today’.  It can be a special plate, no matter the occasion or who it’s for. Plus, I can hang it up in my kitchen as a sweet daily reminder for every day too if I want.

And don’t get me started on the Murph plate. I love it! I sent Aedriel a side shot photo of Murphy and she created the silhouette. I love having Murphy art! I plan to use this in a wall collage or possibly in the baby’s room.

Anyhow, be sure to go check out her shop. She’s wonderful and her work is beautiful!

I just noticed that Murph’s precious little silo is now on her silhouette listing! He’ll be so excited! 🙂

annddd…our crib came in the mail from Amazon yesterday! Mark has promised to assemble tonight. Cannot wait! I’ll post pictures when we’re finished.

Baby’s First Book

The husband got the beeb this sweet little book for Valentine’s Day. Dr. Seuss was tickled by the idea that babies could hear their parents reading to them. This book is compiled with lots of bits and pieces from Dr. Seuss’ other books and is meant to be read specifically to little ones in utero.

Mark read it to the baby before we watched Breaking Dawn last night (best husband ever!). It was the sweetest thing and I’m sure we’ll read it lots more before our little one arrives

Candy Bouquet

I made this little candy bouquet with a dozen of his favorite candies for the hubby for Valentine’s this year. Super simple and inexpensive. These would make for great coworker, teacher or neighbor gifts as well!

Start with a clean can and floral foam (or styrofoam would work well too).

Stuff foam into can.

Get out your candy! We like chocolate around here, can you tell? 🙂 I got a little crazy pregnant woman on the Snickers. whoops! The ‘fun packs’ work out to be the best deal. Lots of little candies and you can get a variety. Each of these were $1 and there was enough to do 2 bouquets.

Hot glue candy onto wooden or white sticks. While those are drying, wrap can in cute scrapbook paper or fabric and embellish as desired. I’m a simple gal and loove me some hearts, so I just went with a paper heart on the front of mine.  Arrange candies in foam. Cover top with any type of ‘filler’. I shredded some kraft paper for mine.


Pretty Notepads

I’m so excited to show off our new notepads at Pinwheel Press! I made a few of these as ‘testers’ for Christmas gifts and just LOVE how they turned out! I made myself one and use it everyday. It’s so pretty, it almost makes the never ending to-do list fun!

These are totally customizable. You can choose your colors, font, and pattern (the chevron is my fave). And we can even add your name along the bottom if you’d like!

Go take a peak over at the shop!

Heart Hoops

I made a heart hoop last week for pictures to announce my pregnancy. It was so much fun, I decided to make lots of mini versions for my valentines this year!

Here’s what you need:

-Embrodiery hoop (I used the smallest size. They were .79 at Hobby Lobby)

-Small piece of fabric

-Small piece of felt or coordinating fabric

-Embroidery thread


Secure your fabric into your hoop.

Trace out a heart onto your felt or fabric. Cut out with scissors or pinking shears.

Stitch your heart to the fabric.

After you’ve stitched on your heart, trim the edges of the fabric.

Hot glue the inside of the hoop and fold the extra fabric over. This gives it a more finished look. You could just trim the fabric to the edge of the hoop if you’d rather skip this step.

All finished!

These are really quick and easy to put together and I think they’re so darn cute.

All packaged up ready to spread the love!

Back with some news!

I sort of checked out of her for the past 6 months, but I’m back with some big news….

I’m having a baby!

We are beyond thrilled and can’t wait to start this new adventure. Murph is especially excited. He adores kids and now he gets one of his very own!

I’ve been feeling great and really cannot complain at all. I can’t get over how amazing this whole thing is. And I can’t thank God enough for entrusting me with such a huge responsibility.

Life is so good!

xo ~ L