Frilly baby girl gift

I found this post in my drafts from the week before Sam was born. I never did get around to publishing it!

Our good friends were due 5 days before me and
I made a fabric rag wreath and canvas sign for her hospital door. She had a scheduled c-section on Monday and I went into labor Tuesday at midnight! Our kiddos are 2 days apart, so we were in the hospital at the same time! While we were waiting for things to kick up for me, I was allowed to walk upstairs and meet their sweet girl. (I was SO nervous holding her and thought, how on earth am I going to be ready once this little guy comes out!) After I had Sam, they came down with their daughter to visit us. So much fun!

Anyhow….here’s her sign and wreath. It was fun to do something pink and girly amongst all the boy stuff! I actually received a painted canvas myself from a sweet friend and thought it was such a fun idea I wanted to make one too!

I got the canvas at Walmart and painted it with acrylic paint. I sort of laid out my design on the computer first to use as a guide.

I attached the ribbon to the back with a staple gun. And taped on a marker so they can fill in her info once she gets here! (The marker was included on mine too. One less thing to forget to bring!)

The rag wreath was so fun to make! I cut out 3″x7″ strips of fabric and tied around a metal wreath form. This is a middle sized form and it took 2.5 yards of fabric. You just tie them around the form and fill in to your desired fluffiness. 🙂


Candy corn wreath

Loving this candy corn wreath from Woman’s Day. It’s so pretty and would be so inexpensive to make! Full directions, here.

Valentine Book Wreath

Thank you Flower Patch Farm Girl for yet another pretty wreath for Valentine’s Day! This is a twist on the book wreath we all fell in love with a few months ago. Don’t you love it? Another reason why I need to buy myself a heart punch.

Find the directions here.

Ruffled Valentine’s Wreath

Oh geez. I love this wreath from The Idea Room so much. If I didn’t already have a pretty red wreath hanging on my front door, I’d be making one asap.

I just love this ruffled felt technique. It’s beautiful!