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Living Frugal: Kill Your TV

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The husband and I have been aggressively paying down our student loans for about two years (with an end in sight next year!). It’s definitely become a fun little game to see how we can cut costs whether it be by shopping smarter, making things from scratch, coming up with free ‘dates’, or just plain doing without.

We’ve been talking about going ‘cable free’ for about a year now and finally got up the guts to go through with it. The first few days were a little rough. Cable was something I’d had since birth basically, so to go cold turkey was a little shock. After those first few days though, I found some freedom to it.  I could do whatever I wanted! I could listen to music, bake, read, or just be. Not that I was forced to sit in front of the tv when I had it, but there was a certain familiarity and calling that came from that big black screen. I’d have it on as background noise and get sucked in to all kinds of gross programming. As a matter of fact, the very last show we watched before the the cable got cut was ‘Sex Decoy: Love Stings’, where spouses or significant others sent in a ‘decoy’ to try to catch them cheating on camera. Seriously!? It just reaffirmed our decision to ‘cut the crap’. haha

If you’re on the fence…it is possible! There is life after tv and actually a life more fulfilled. Remember, there’s always which is free or Netflix, for a small subscription, to catch up on any truly must see shows.

We have so many distractions in this technology saturated world. I’ve by no means cut out all of them, but it’s kind of nice to have one less thing to be sucked into (and one less bill to pay).