Frilly baby girl gift

I found this post in my drafts from the week before Sam was born. I never did get around to publishing it!

Our good friends were due 5 days before me and
I made a fabric rag wreath and canvas sign for her hospital door. She had a scheduled c-section on Monday and I went into labor Tuesday at midnight! Our kiddos are 2 days apart, so we were in the hospital at the same time! While we were waiting for things to kick up for me, I was allowed to walk upstairs and meet their sweet girl. (I was SO nervous holding her and thought, how on earth am I going to be ready once this little guy comes out!) After I had Sam, they came down with their daughter to visit us. So much fun!

Anyhow….here’s her sign and wreath. It was fun to do something pink and girly amongst all the boy stuff! I actually received a painted canvas myself from a sweet friend and thought it was such a fun idea I wanted to make one too!

I got the canvas at Walmart and painted it with acrylic paint. I sort of laid out my design on the computer first to use as a guide.

I attached the ribbon to the back with a staple gun. And taped on a marker so they can fill in her info once she gets here! (The marker was included on mine too. One less thing to forget to bring!)

The rag wreath was so fun to make! I cut out 3″x7″ strips of fabric and tied around a metal wreath form. This is a middle sized form and it took 2.5 yards of fabric. You just tie them around the form and fill in to your desired fluffiness. 🙂


Baby’s First Book

The husband got the beeb this sweet little book for Valentine’s Day. Dr. Seuss was tickled by the idea that babies could hear their parents reading to them. This book is compiled with lots of bits and pieces from Dr. Seuss’ other books and is meant to be read specifically to little ones in utero.

Mark read it to the baby before we watched Breaking Dawn last night (best husband ever!). It was the sweetest thing and I’m sure we’ll read it lots more before our little one arrives

Making the old new (and cute) again

Head over to OhDeeDoh to find out how to make customized hard back covers for paperback books! I love this idea. Such a sweet way to personalize a gift or to upgrade an inexpensive book.

Find the step by step here.

Tile Coasters

These decoupaged tile coasters from All Things Lovely would make perfect gifts for any occasion. So simple and pretty.

A Year’s Worth of Dates

I saw this idea from Shauna at My Mix of Six and just fell in love! She did this as a Christmas gift, but I think it fits nicely as a Valentine’s (or anniversary) gift as well. Basically, I made a card for each month with a date idea on it. Then on the first day of each month, he can open that month’s envelope. Then we’ll decide on a time to go.  Most of my activities are fun things around Birmingham that we rarely do or have always meant to check out. I’m looking forward to trying out some new things!

A few of the cards

This was fun to put together and it’s the gift the gives all year long.  🙂 This doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Most of the things I chose, we have gift cards for or coupons or they’re free activities- like hiking. The fun part is, you take all the guess work out and they get a ‘surprise’ outing every month.

(Last Minute) Gift Idea: Magazine Subscriptions

This year I gave a ton of magazine subscriptions as gifts. They can be very inexpensive, there’s something out there for everyone and I see it as the gift that keeps on giving year round! 🙂 Amazon runs specials frequently for $5 subscriptions and any google search for the title you’re looking for + ‘discounts’ will most likely lead you to a good deal. All the subscriptions I picked up were $4-10.

I made up little cards to let each person know which magazine they were getting and when the first issue should arrive. I tried to pull the newest cover from each magazine. All were easily found through google searches.

I handled about 15 gifts with just an hour of clicking. No crazy crowds for me!

Personalized gift wrap

I promised myself I wouldn’t go out and buy any gift wrap this year and I’ve stuck to it! I’ve mainly gone with brown contractor’s paper I bought almost a year ago at Lowe’s. This $9 roll has lasted me forever! A box wrapped in brown paper definitely gives you a blank canvas to work from. I’ve been trying to find ways to dress it up. Here’s one of my favorites. It takes a little effort, but I really like how it comes out.

Start by printing out your names in a font of your choice.

I used a light box, but you could also use tracing paper…or if you’re lucky, a Cricut, which would allow you to skip this whole silly tracing process.

Trace the names onto a pretty paper. I traced on the back of my paper so I wouldn’t have to worry about any accidents I might have while tracing.

Cut out name with scissors. You can adhere it to your package with glue or spray adhesive.


Gift Idea: Personalized plates

Personalized Cookie plates

Just Something I Made put together a fantastic tutorial using a ceramic paint pen. Directions here.

Or you could also use vinyl lettering like HowDoesShe did here

These are adorable as cookie plates for Santa, but they’d also be terrific with a newly married couple’s initial and wedding date or quote around the edge, or maybe a set of dessert plates with a sweet quote or design in the center for a welcoming hostess.

Lots of things you could do with these!

Monogram ties

A father’s day idea from Martha. You could embroider yourself or take to one of those monograming kiosks in the mall. A nice gift for dad, but how cute would these be on a little boy’s tie?

Napkin rings

I’ve really been into cloth napkins lately. They’re good for the environment and just make me feel plain fancy. 🙂

When I saw this idea from Kathy and Merriment Design using an old saran wrap tube to make these gorgeous napkin rings, I nearly flipped out. How genius, right? They’re so easy to make you could whip some of these up for any occasion or holiday.

If you’re interested in making your own cloth napkins you can find tutorials here, here and here.

How cool would it be to give a set of napkins and some nice napkin rings as a housewarming or wedding gift? I know I’d love it!