Snowman in a Hat

There’s a teensy tiny chance, 23 to be exact, that we may have snow on Friday!  These chances don’t come around much in Alabama and even if it is predicted, it hardly actually comes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

For those of you who are lucky enough to get that pretty white stuff, check out this Build your own snowman kit. This is such a thoughful, fun and easy gift idea. Love it!


Mommy Love

I may be a little partial, but I’m pretty sure I have one of the best moms out there.

I wasn’t able to go home, but I sent a few little prezzies Mom’s way.

A freestanding accordion photo gallery based on this idea from The How-To Gal to showcase all her kids, grandpups and baby Anderson.

A little homemade card and another one of these felt flowers for her to wear as a corsage at church.

Here’s my ‘baby’ and me on Mother’s day! I’m very proud to call this cute boy my own 🙂

I’m so thankful for all the wonderful ‘mothers’ in my life. I hope all you moms and moms to be had a special day!

Hair Flower Power

I whipped up this little hair flower Saturday morning for my niece’s birthday. I think it’s just darling. Who knew you could get so much cuteness from a little felt and a button. So much fun to make!

Thanks to Yoonie-at-Home for a terrific tutorial and template.

Little Book of Love

I made this little book for Mark for Valentine’s day. I’ve seen a few love card books around the web and wanted to take my stab at it. I happened to have a deck of cards around the house with a red pattern on the back, which works just perfectly for the day of love. 🙂 I liked the little pattern better than the face side, so I attached all my ‘reasons’ to that side.

For the cover I just cut a heart out of felt and taped it on, then printed out “I love you because” on a piece of cardstock and taped that on top. I punched holes with a single hole punch making sure to get them all as close to the same as possible. I do need to pick up silver rings to put the book together. My free, twine idea didn’t work out so hot. The rings will make it much easier to flip through. I printed all my ‘reasons’ on a sheet of cardstock and attached them to each card with double sided tape.

Here are just a few of my pages…

Mark says this all the time! haha

He really doesn’t! And trust me, I’m no phenomenal cook.

This is HUGE for me. If I were without my love, my grass would always be 8 ft. tall..or I’d still live in an apartment. I am deathly afraid of snakes.

It’s small and inexpensive, but I hope it gives him a teensy idea of how much I appreciate and love him!

Now go make your own! Tell your sweetie how much all those little things mean to you or help kids make one for their parents or grandparents. I think everyone could use a  reminder of how much they’re loved every once in a while. 🙂

(Last Minute) Gift Idea: Magazine Subscriptions

This year I gave a ton of magazine subscriptions as gifts. They can be very inexpensive, there’s something out there for everyone and I see it as the gift that keeps on giving year round! 🙂 Amazon runs specials frequently for $5 subscriptions and any google search for the title you’re looking for + ‘discounts’ will most likely lead you to a good deal. All the subscriptions I picked up were $4-10.

I made up little cards to let each person know which magazine they were getting and when the first issue should arrive. I tried to pull the newest cover from each magazine. All were easily found through google searches.

I handled about 15 gifts with just an hour of clicking. No crazy crowds for me!

Personalized gift wrap

I promised myself I wouldn’t go out and buy any gift wrap this year and I’ve stuck to it! I’ve mainly gone with brown contractor’s paper I bought almost a year ago at Lowe’s. This $9 roll has lasted me forever! A box wrapped in brown paper definitely gives you a blank canvas to work from. I’ve been trying to find ways to dress it up. Here’s one of my favorites. It takes a little effort, but I really like how it comes out.

Start by printing out your names in a font of your choice.

I used a light box, but you could also use tracing paper…or if you’re lucky, a Cricut, which would allow you to skip this whole silly tracing process.

Trace the names onto a pretty paper. I traced on the back of my paper so I wouldn’t have to worry about any accidents I might have while tracing.

Cut out name with scissors. You can adhere it to your package with glue or spray adhesive.


Gift Idea: Art Boxes

I made up these art boxes for our niece and nephew. We swapped gifts last night, so it’s safe to post now. 🙂

I found these silver lunch tins at work. They both just magically appeared in the ‘Take’ area in the same week. Both came with promotional stuff inside and were stamped with logos on the outside. I was able to peel both off and then had myself two pretty lunch boxes. I bet you could find these at a craft store. Or you could use a small toolbox. There’s lots of options!

I covered Morgan’s lunchbox with pink polka dotted paper and made a bee magnet from the little wood animals you get can at Hobby Lobby. Her nickname is Morgie Bee, so I thought it fit. For Caleb’s I just stuck with the industrial silver and added a pirate magnet.

I filled their boxes with washable markers, crayons, glue sticks, twine, construction paper, lots of stickers, Martha Stewart puppet kits, and other odds and ends.

Here’s Caleb’s box. The stickers are in library card holders I got from the Dollar Tree earlier in the summer. I put a magnet on the back, so they could be held on the inside of the lid. I put round office labels, smiley faces, and these stickers from Lotta Bruhn. I downloaded her pdf and printed on sticker paper. They are so cute!

Here’s Morgan’s loot (apologies for the awful pictures. This is what happens when husbands rush their wives!)

The ‘paper doll clothes’ pouch is for this sweet little girl. I posted about these free paper dolls last year. You can download your own here. Morgan is 2.5 and a little too small to cut these out herself or be gentle enough not to rip the paper, so I cut them out and ‘laminated’ them with contact paper. I put a magnet on her back so she can stick to the inside of her artbox or on the fridge. Then I put a piece of velcro on her tummy and some on the back of each of her outfits.

Here she is with a few of her outfits. 🙂

I bought them each a drawing pad at the Dollar Tree. The covers were not pretty, not to mention totally falling apart. So at the last minute, I decided to make them a little cuter. I ripped the cover and binding off, then cut down scrapbook cardstock to size. I used double sided tape along the top to tape my new cover onto the pad. Then I used decorative masking tape to replace the binding. I printed their names on sticker paper and adhered them to the front. So much better!

Here they are before their makeover….

And after….

These are so much fun to put together and don’t have to be expensive. There are so many great bloggers out there offering free printables. As far as supplies, you can start early stocking up so you can really shop for sales on little craft kits or supplies (think back to school sales!)

And just for fun. Here’s Morgan after she opened hers. She immediately dumped her crayons in the floor and ate markers the rest of the night! Oops!

Gift idea and freebie!

I love me some Christmas music. I’m a little ashamed to admit I started listening to it full time a couple of weeks ago. It just puts me in such a good mood!

Anyhow, I wanted to put together a little Christmas mix cd to give out on Thanksgiving and to other family and friends. Just a way to kick off the season. I stuck with the classics, so it would appeal to a broad range of people.

I could’ve gone out and bought cd cases, but I wanted to use what I had around the house, so I went with white lunch bags I had left over from our wedding. I dropped the cd in and folded the baggie over into a small little package, then tied them off with twine to look like a present with a tag that said ‘Make the season bright”.

Such an easy way to make a person’s season a little brighter 🙂

And because I love all of you and want to make YOUR season brigher, I’m offering the ‘Make the Season bright’ tags free for download. Simply click here, download and print! These are sized for a 2″ circular punch. They can be printed on sticker paper or on paper to tie on gifts.

Gift tags in the shop


New customized gift tags in the shop

Easy homemade body scrub

I’ve seen plenty of body scrubs recipes out there, but I always stop once I get to the flavored oils because it’s something I don’t have on hand.

However, this recipe from Kelly over at Purple Lemon Designs could not be easier! Equal parts epson salt and corn meal. Gift it with a bottle of almond extract that you mix in when you use the scrub. She even included a downloadable tag with directions for your giftee 🙂 Such an easy gift idea!