Nutritious Valentine’s Treat

Twig and Thistle is offering these cute little stickers for free!


Countdown Chain Freebie

There are so many cute advent calendars out there. My favorite growing up was the countdown chain! I did something similar for my sister in law to countdown to her due date, here. I had an itching to put another one together, so I did this little one for my niece and nephew.

I also included a couple of candy canes and 3D Christmas light glasses that I picked up for them a few weeks ago. Have you seen these before? They’re so much fun!

They live in town, but I thought it would be more fun for them to get a package in the mail. 🙂

You can download the chain for yourself here! If you were doing this for your kids, you could write a different activity on the back of each link to do each day as you count down. Love that idea!

Music Love- The Vespers

Since the big meanie corporate radio punks shut down our beloved live 100.5 (a local station here in town that played awesome new, independent music) about 6 months ago,  I’ve been listening online to Lightning 100 out of Nashville. What I love about them is that they feature local talent at different points throughout the day. It’s wonderful that they give local musicians exposure and I love that I get to hear up and coming artists on a daily basis.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to catch an interview and in studio acoustic set by The Vespers. I just love em! “Not So Nice” is just my fave and I’ve had it on repeat more times than I’ll admit. They’re small right now, so no big fancy music videos, but I wanted you guys to be sure to hear it, so here’s a little video I found on YouTube.

You can hear more of their album at myspace or facebook. Oh, and you can download ‘Not so Nice’ for free! Vespers, you are nice after all 🙂

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is filled with lots of sunshine and good times!

Printable Alphabet Bunting

Carolynn from Two Brunettes has offered up printable bunting over at Ruffled! There’s a flag for every letter of the alphabet (even a heart!), so you can make any little banner you’d like. That was sweet of her, wasn’t it?

Go over here to download yours.

New song love

Loving Poison and Wine by the Civil Wars. Can’t get this one out of my head! They’re also awesome enough to offer a free download of their live album on their myspace page. Click here. These kids are coming to town next week. I just might have to convince someone to go with. Enjoy!

Gift idea and freebie!

I love me some Christmas music. I’m a little ashamed to admit I started listening to it full time a couple of weeks ago. It just puts me in such a good mood!

Anyhow, I wanted to put together a little Christmas mix cd to give out on Thanksgiving and to other family and friends. Just a way to kick off the season. I stuck with the classics, so it would appeal to a broad range of people.

I could’ve gone out and bought cd cases, but I wanted to use what I had around the house, so I went with white lunch bags I had left over from our wedding. I dropped the cd in and folded the baggie over into a small little package, then tied them off with twine to look like a present with a tag that said ‘Make the season bright”.

Such an easy way to make a person’s season a little brighter 🙂

And because I love all of you and want to make YOUR season brigher, I’m offering the ‘Make the Season bright’ tags free for download. Simply click here, download and print! These are sized for a 2″ circular punch. They can be printed on sticker paper or on paper to tie on gifts.

Bakerella does it again…

Oh my cuteness. Look it! Get directions and printables for the french fry holder and cute little trays here.

The Kissing Tree

Just stumbled upon Kiss the Groom. Such sweet, happy pictures. If you’re ever having a down day just go click through a few pages. You’ll cheer right up.

I love their Kissing Tree feature on the site. Type in your information and they send a jpg to you with your little inscription on the tree. Print out and enjoy. 🙂

A Print A Day

I found A Print A Day last week and wanted to share with you guys. Aren’t these lovely?

Not only does she do beautiful illustrations, but she shares them! She offers free downloads, including labels, notepads, and desktops.

She’s constantly updating, so check back often!