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Gender reveal eggs

We wanted to tell our families about the boy in person, so we waited 2 weeks before telling my family and 4 before telling the in laws on Easter! No, I didn’t even tell my mom early. Glutton for punishment, I tell you!

Anyhow, since we were telling everyone right before and on Easter, we went with an Easter theme.

I made these little paper mache eggs from Not Martha. I started on the egg ‘shells’ a few weeks prior to our ultrasound, making some in pink and some in blue. After the ultrasound, I stuffed them with blue grass and a baby chick revealing the gender. I made a pull tag that read ‘Our baby chick is a…’ and the chick in the egg read ‘BOY!’

I had too much fun with my little chicks….

 Look, it’s a mom, dad and baby! 😀

One of my baby chicks goofing off.

Looking back, it would’ve been much easier just to buy plastic eggs (I made nearly 20 eggs and had about 15 hours in making these suckers!), but I don’t do things the easy way. ha. And it was honestly good to have something to keep my hands and mind busy while I was impatiently waiting on our appointment and then while waiting to tell our families.


2 thoughts on “Gender reveal eggs”

  1. sure you could have used plastic eggs but they wouldnt have been nearly as cute 😉 GREAT JOB MOMMA!!

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