Finding out about the boy

Thanks to a wonderful ultrasound tech friend (shout out to Lauren C!), we were able to go in for a scan at around 17 weeks to find out the gender of our sweet little one. It couldn’t come soon enough. I was about to lose it waiting! We decided to not find out in the room (even though we love our friend and wouldn’t have minded sharing that moment with her), we really wanted to come back to the calm of home and really have a moment together.

It’s usually a 25 minute drive from the hospital to our house, but we left around 5 and got stuck in traffic, so it wound up taking over an hour to get home! The little box sat in the back taunting us in the beginning. Fortunately/unfortunately, all the stop and go traffic and being a passenger got me so car sick! I didn’t even think about the box most of the ride home. I was just trying to hold it together! We actually waited another 30 or 45 minutes after returning home because I just wasn’t feeling well.

We opened our box and had a wonderful dinner on the back porch gushing over the news….talking names..what he’ll look like..what kind of ‘boy’ he’d be. It was just perfect!

Here’s a little video of the adventure and our reactions! It was so fun!

Sweet hubby was so excited he started tapping his feet after we found out, so that’s the loud ‘thuds’ you hear 🙂  And without a knowledgeable ultrasound tech telling me exactly what everything was, I was very confused by what was what in the pictures!


One response to “Finding out about the boy

  1. Stephanie

    i just LOVE that yall got to share this special moment – just the two of you …and that you documented it!!

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