Happy Mail!

I was thrilled to come home today to a package from Aedriel. Aedriel and I did a trade over a year ago….paper goodies for her husband’s 40th in exchange for some of her gorgeous handpainted plates! I was a little slow in deciding what I’d like, so I’m just now getting mine. I mean, go take a peak at her shop. It’s all awesome!

I wanted the bunting plate for special occasions. I don’t have a child’s name to add to it yet, so I chose to have it read ‘celebrate today’.  It can be a special plate, no matter the occasion or who it’s for. Plus, I can hang it up in my kitchen as a sweet daily reminder for every day too if I want.

And don’t get me started on the Murph plate. I love it! I sent Aedriel a side shot photo of Murphy and she created the silhouette. I love having Murphy art! I plan to use this in a wall collage or possibly in the baby’s room.

Anyhow, be sure to go check out her shop. She’s wonderful and her work is beautiful!

I just noticed that Murph’s precious little silo is now on her silhouette listing! He’ll be so excited! 🙂


annddd…our crib came in the mail from Amazon yesterday! Mark has promised to assemble tonight. Cannot wait! I’ll post pictures when we’re finished.


2 responses to “Happy Mail!

  1. stephanie

    loooooooove them both!!! how cute!!!!

  2. I love these! I’m kind of coveting the celebrate today plate. It’d be pretty perfect in my kitchen, methinks.

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