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Coffee Filter Bouquet

My sweet sister in law got married a few weeks ago and I wanted to make a little something for her, so I put together this coffee filter flower bouquet for the rehearsal. I’ve been dying to try these out since I saw Aunt Peaches’ tutorial. Hers are gorgeous!

I went right by Aunt Peaches’ instructions, found here.  I dyed my filters pink and orange.

I taped my flowers to cheapie straws with masking tape since I didn’t have green floral tape on hand. The straws and tape weren’t that pretty so I decided to hide the with a toilet paper roll.

I arranged my flowers and taped them in place inside the toilet paper roll. I wound up slicing the roll open to give me more room to tape.

Once everything was in place, I taped the roll shut and wrapped in ribbon to make a pretty little satin wrap. 🙂

All ready for walking down the aisle!

These would also make gorgeous centerpieces too! Here’s the bouquet in an old pepper jar with yarn wrapped around that I had leftover from thanksgiving. So pretty and inexpensive!

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