Dresser Update

My sweet in laws gave us an old dresser they had to use as a buffet in our living room about 6 months ago. We got home to find out it was about 3 inches too wide for the space! Total bummer. The husband saw my distress and suggested using it as a dresser in our bedroom. Genius! After many months of indecision on what color to go with, I finally decided to just go for it the first week of January. I sanded/primed on day 1, found some paint leftover from our kitchen and painted it on day 2, bought hardware on day 3 and we moved that sucker in! It’s the most focused I’ve ever been on a project like this and I’m happy to say we finished so quickly!

So here’s the room before right after we moved in the house (this is the best shot I have) (p.s. my mom built that dresser years ago for me! skills, I tell you!).


Here’s the new dresser, before:


And…the room & dresser after!

The mirror above it was an old frame my mom had picked up a while back. I had plans to paint it and turn it into a chalkboard to hang somewhere in the house, but once I held it up to the dresser I realized it was already the perfect color! We bought a plain beveled mirror at Lowe’s for $19 and attached it to the frame.


I couldn’t find the paint color on Valspar’s site, but here’s a shot of the color and make up. I think it was originally matched to a Martha Stewart color back when she had a line at Lowe’s.

The hardware is from Martha Stewart at Home Depot. You can find the pulls here and the knobs here.


I really love how the whole thing turned out. And the whole shabang was only around $70 for new hardware and the mirror. It feels much more open now and it makes me happy every time I walk in our bedroom. : )


5 responses to “Dresser Update

  1. Ahh… what a lovely upgrade! The color and the pulls are just fantastic! We have an armoire in our garage that needs an upgrade – this encourages me to think about tackling that bad boy sooner than later!

    Gorgeous work!

  2. I love the color you chose! It looked fabulous.

  3. Katrina

    the color of the dresser looks amazing! and you accented it so well with the mirror and your necklace holder. such a beautiful space!

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