Little Cups o’ Love

I had plans to make the amazing heart cake today, but found this recipe from Positively Splendid and decided to give them a shot. Now I’ll say, I didn’t have strawberry cake mix or red sprinkles, so mine turned out slightly different. 🙂

The recipe is super simple. You mix together cake mix, a stick of butter and an egg, which makes a yummy cake like cookie. Then you can add the heart on top with melted almond bark.

I got the bright idea to just add red food coloring to my cake mix. I found out that yellow cake mix and red food coloring will make a nice orange color, but not so much the pink or red I was going for. 🙂

Here are my little ‘oranges’ as my husband described them. haha

I made up some pink sugar with food coloring since I didn’t have any red sprinkles. It helped the color a little bit.

The hearts are piped almond bark. I just used a ziplock bag and snipped the corner. I had quite a few rejects, which my hubby was happy about since he always gets to have all the not so perfect baked goods. 🙂


I put two cookies in these little cups.

And then wrapped them up with cellophane, twine & yarn and a little heart tag. (My mom cut out about 100 red and aqua hearts on her Cricut for me!)

Perfect little treats for my neighbors and coworkers.


Happy Friday everyone!

If you’re celebrating this weekend, enjoy!


3 responses to “Little Cups o’ Love

  1. great idea! i was looking for an easy recipe to make for my coworkers…this is it!!

  2. These are adorable! How thoughtful of you.

  3. Love the packaging, and the cookies look delicious!

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