Wooden Cookie Invite

This cookie exchange invite by Under My Umbrella (found via Be Different, Act Normal) is so clever! The cookie is mdf, the frosting is spackle, and the sprinkles are beads. I bet you could find precut circles at a craft store to make this even easier. I wish I had a cookie exchange to host!


3 responses to “Wooden Cookie Invite

  1. Love love love this, Lauren. I’m hosting a very low-key cookie exchange at work. (It’s not really hosting is it, since I’m doing it at work.)But, these may be fun to put on the bag to fill with cookies.

  2. laurenmakes

    yes, that’s a great idea!

  3. Mom

    Lauren, I helped the boys make White blood cells for a school project once with a similar idea. We used clay and dyed it for the cytoplasm and pinkish and purple microbeads for the nucleus. Or was that you and me that did that project?

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