Wooden Cookie Invite

This cookie exchange invite by Under My Umbrella (found via Be Different, Act Normal) is so clever! The cookie is mdf, the frosting is spackle, and the sprinkles are beads. I bet you could find precut circles at a craft store to make this even easier. I wish I had a cookie exchange to host!


Countdown Chain Freebie

There are so many cute advent calendars out there. My favorite growing up was the countdown chain! I did something similar for my sister in law to countdown to her due date, here. I had an itching to put another one together, so I did this little one for my niece and nephew.

I also included a couple of candy canes and 3D Christmas light glasses that I picked up for them a few weeks ago. Have you seen these before? They’re so much fun!

They live in town, but I thought it would be more fun for them to get a package in the mail. 🙂

You can download the chain for yourself here! If you were doing this for your kids, you could write a different activity on the back of each link to do each day as you count down. Love that idea!

Thanksgiving Recap

Our first Thanksgiving was great! I cooked most of Wednesday and Thursday until our dinner at 5 that evening. I tried a ton of new recipes that I’d never made before and most were foods I’ve never even eaten before. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun! I’ll post links to the recipes I used at the end of the post. For now, here are a few pictures from the day.

The table all set up and ready for our guests.


Murphy watched the National Dog Show while I cooked. He loved it! His little tail would wag so fast when the dogs trotted out. He was sad that the Wheaten terrier didn’t place though.


The spread. I meant to buy a drop cloth for the table, but never got around to it. So I took down one of my drop cloth curtains. You gotta do, what you’ve gotta do! It was perfectly clean afterward except a huge spot of cranberry sauce that was spilled. The husband admitted later that it was him that dropped it. I guess I was taking my chances. 🙂 Good thing they’re cheap!

My little table decor I made with contractor’s paper, yarn, wax paper flowers, twine, etc.


The niece and nephew 🙂  The wreath is this kit from Paper Source. It was a major pain. I’m all for DIY, but I think they should sell these preassembled.


Caleb training Murphy.


Morgan and I chilling out on the couch.


Here’s the list of food I put together


Dressing (a mix between my grandmother’s recipe and this one)

Green Bean Casserole

Mac n Cheese (granny’s recipe)

Roasted Carrots

Mashed Potatoes

Sweet Potato Casserole

Parker Rolls with honey butter

Cranberry Sauce

White peas

And our guests brought the turkey! 🙂


Give Thanks Banner

I put this little banner together last night to hang over the food table on Thanksgiving. I tore pages from a freebie book from work. I sized my letters to fit that page size in InDesign (if you don’t have InDesign, you could use Word or any other layout program) and then printed. I trimmed the pages down, punched holes in the corners and hung them up with jute twine.


I had no idea what this book was about and didn’t read the text until just now. I just wanted the book print as the background. The first two lines were disturbing! But after reading the rest of the page, maybe it is actually Thanksgiving appropriate. 🙂


The whole thing took me about 20 minutes and didn’t cost a penny since I already had supplies on hand. I’m really pleased with how it turned out!


Thanksgiving project wishes

It seems like everyone has moved on to Christmas, but I’m still holding out for Thanksgiving. I’m hosting this year! Eek! We’ll have a smaller crowd than usual, but it’s still a big deal. I’m slightly panicking. haha

If I had time and the resources, I’d definitely be making all of the following projects for the get together. I love them all!


This gorgeous tablecloth from A Soft Place to Land.


This inexpensive, genius centerpiece from The Pink Peony of Le Jardin.



These sweet little napkins from BHG.



And this pretty set up from Choose to Thrive




Snowman in a Hat

There’s a teensy tiny chance, 23 to be exact, that we may have snow on Friday!  These chances don’t come around much in Alabama and even if it is predicted, it hardly actually comes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

For those of you who are lucky enough to get that pretty white stuff, check out this Build your own snowman kit. This is such a thoughful, fun and easy gift idea. Love it!

Mmm…potato soup

It’s finally getting a little chilly around here at night. I made my favorite potato soup a couple of nights ago. It’s a copycat recipe of the potato soup they have at Panera, which is delish. Here’s the recipe I use (w/o the white pepper. Who the heck has white pepper laying around?) It’s sooo good. I make it all the time!

I got a little fancy and made bread bowls to go along with it this time. The bowl was great, but I think I prefer to just dip the bread into my soup. 🙂 Find the recipe for those here. I didn’t have any wheat flour on hand, so went with all white. And I used bread machine yeast.

Both turned out great. So warm and yummy!