Music Love- The Vespers

Since the big meanie corporate radio punks shut down our beloved live 100.5 (a local station here in town that played awesome new, independent music) about 6 months ago,  I’ve been listening online to Lightning 100 out of Nashville. What I love about them is that they feature local talent at different points throughout the day. It’s wonderful that they give local musicians exposure and I love that I get to hear up and coming artists on a daily basis.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to catch an interview and in studio acoustic set by The Vespers. I just love em! “Not So Nice” is just my fave and I’ve had it on repeat more times than I’ll admit. They’re small right now, so no big fancy music videos, but I wanted you guys to be sure to hear it, so here’s a little video I found on YouTube.

You can hear more of their album at myspace or facebook. Oh, and you can download ‘Not so Nice’ for free! Vespers, you are nice after all 🙂

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is filled with lots of sunshine and good times!


One response to “Music Love- The Vespers

  1. Catherine P

    Hi I just stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest, but this caught my eye. I’m in Nashville and love the Vespers! So glad you’re getting the word out about this awesome band.

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