Homemade Cini Minis!

Hey there! Apologies for my lack of posting. I can’t believe it’s March 12th and I haven’t had a single post this month! I have a little confession….I’ve been cheating on crafting with couponing. If any of you have ventured into the ‘coupon blog world’ you know what I’m talking about. The past few weeks have been consumed with blog stalking, coupon printing, newspaper cuts,  many, many stressful grocery/drug store trips and best of all lots of highs after scoring amazing deals. Last weekend I got four 5lb bags of flour for 9 cents a piece! It does.not.get better than that!

As fun as it’s been and as much money as I’ve saved, I’ve just begun to feel a little empty. I need my pretties back. I’ll still be trying my best to follow sales and get the best deals I can, but I will walk the fine line between couponing and crafting to be sure I’m still here to share all the beautiful things I’m finding out there. 🙂

As an ‘I’m sorry’ I’d like to share this little recipe for homemade cini minis.

A {tiny} sweet treat just for you!

The ingredients are very basic….

Crescent rolls

Ground Cinnamon


Butter (optional)


Powdered Sugar


First, roll out the crescent rolls. Don’t tear at the perforations.

Then you fill them with the goodies. I spread butter on first, but it’s really not necessary, since most crescent rolls already have lots of buttery flavor. Sprinkle with lots of sugar and cinnamon on top.

Roll each piece of dough lengthwise to get two cute little  rolls.

Take a minute to soak in their cuteness.

I could’ve fawned over them all morning. Luckily, the husband got me back on track. “Stop taking pictures. I’m hungry!!”

Cutting these guys can be a bit difficult if you want them to look perfect. I’d recommend putting the rolls into the freezer for a few minutes to harden the dough and make them a little easier to cut through without smashing. I unfortunately didn’t have that much time (see hungry husband above). After you have them all laid out in your casserole dish, pop them in the oven per your crescent roll instructions.

While they’re baking, you can make your icing. Just mix up powdered sugar and milk until you have an icing-like consistency. Sorry I don’t have measurements. I always eyeball it!

Once your minis are finished baking drizzle lots of icing over top and enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend!


5 responses to “Homemade Cini Minis!

  1. Bethany

    Lauren, I KNOW what you mean about the madness that is couponing. I started about a month ago, and while I don’t take it as much to the extreme as some, it can definitely be addicting – and time consuming!

    The cini-minis look delicious by the way!

  2. O.M.G. These look amazing! I have such a craving for cinnamon rolls now!

  3. Lauren,
    I have been enjoying your blog for only a few weeks now but love it.
    I thought I would share a small tip I am from a cinnamon roll family, we love them and make them often. We use floss or a coarse thread to cut them. You put the floss under the log then bring the ends up crossing them and pulling so it cuts the cinnamon rolls perfectly.
    I’m a big fan of your blog, keep up the good work.

  4. laurenmakes


    Thanks so much for the tip! My coworker actually mentioned that after she saw this post. And my sister in law has told me about it a couple of times. I just ALWAYS forget when I finally get around to making these. Must remember for next time. I know that would be so much easier and make them perfect. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Kyle

    And I will be making these ASAP. LOVE the blog Lauren. Miss you!!!

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