A Year’s Worth of Dates

I saw this idea from Shauna at My Mix of Six and just fell in love! She did this as a Christmas gift, but I think it fits nicely as a Valentine’s (or anniversary) gift as well. Basically, I made a card for each month with a date idea on it. Then on the first day of each month, he can open that month’s envelope. Then we’ll decide on a time to go.  Most of my activities are fun things around Birmingham that we rarely do or have always meant to check out. I’m looking forward to trying out some new things!

A few of the cards

This was fun to put together and it’s the gift the gives all year long.  🙂 This doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Most of the things I chose, we have gift cards for or coupons or they’re free activities- like hiking. The fun part is, you take all the guess work out and they get a ‘surprise’ outing every month.


4 responses to “A Year’s Worth of Dates

  1. Great idea. I always start things like that but then we change our mind or run out of time for the outings. It would be fun to turn the cards with photos from the outing into a cute little scrapbook.

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  3. Mom

    Mark is lucky to have you! And you him!

  4. i love this! what a wonderful idea!

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