Special Delivery

Amber Lee over at Giver’s Log recently started up a new series called ’13 oz and less’ with ideas for fun, unique gifts you can send in the mail. Have you guys visited Giver’s Log, by the way? It’s filled to the brim with gift ideas for all occasions and she comes up with the neatest stuff. I love it so!

Anyhow, I was inspired by her ideas and decided to do one myself. My sister in law, Elizabeth, is about to have my first little nephew (on my side) in the next few weeks. I know the anticipation for that little guy is killing them (as it is me), so I sent her a countdown chain to help pass the days away.  I’ve been making these my whole life to countdown to events. It helps give me some satisfaction to pull a ring off every day until the BIG day..whatever that may be. 🙂

I started with my box first. I knew I’d need something sturdy to keep my chain from getting smushed. I had this nice box leftover from a thank you card set I got a long time ago.

Then I made this little card to fit inside. The babe doesn’t have an official name just yet, so I call him ‘Baby A’ for now. On the back of the card, there’s a hand written letter letting them know how much we love them, what great parents they’ll be, etc…You know, all that mushy stuff. 🙂

I made my teeny little chain with scrapbook paper and double sided tape.

I taped it up with my washi tape and made an address label with scrapbooking paper and cardstock. I made a matching return address label, which was stuck to the back, but found out at the post office that any box mailed has to have the return address on the front, so I had to hand write that on there last minute. It wasn’t as cute, but it made it there in one piece, which was the whole point. 🙂  And if you’re curious, it was $1.73 to mail out and the gift itself was free. I hope they enjoyed it!

These would be great little surprises to countdown to birthdays, weddings, graduations, or any other event.

Head over to Giver’s Log or her flickr group to check out more fun mailable gift ideas!


Kiss me and carry on

Oh, I just love these Valentines from 74 Lime Lane! I think I’m rolling with this one for the hubby on Sunday 🙂 She was sweet enough to offer these two cards for free! Go get yours here.

Friendship Bracelet Valentines

Dandee and her daughter made these adorable friendship bracelet valentines for her classmates. So pretty and thoughtful!

Super Bowl Recap

I’m a few days late on this one. I didn’t have a big blow out party. We had a couple of friends over and ordered pizza. But I did try my hand at making a king cake in honor of the Saints!

I used this recipe from All Recipes, which originally ran in Southern Living. King cakes aren’t very cake like, more like cinnamon rolls, so there was yeast to be dissolved, dough to be kneaded and rolled out. It took all afternoon and made a big mess, but it was very fun trying out something new. The recipe I used actually made two cakes, which is a good thing because they’re delicious! We like it best warmed up a bit in the microwave.

The main reason I tuned into the Super Bowl this year was to see my baby brother on national television! He was part of the military group that marched out on the field and stood behind Carrie Underwood as she sang the National Anthem. Here’s a fuzzy screenshot from the youtube video. And also the video itself. So exciting!

Homemade mailbox

Make your own mailbox for all those special valentines with this great tutorial and free printable from Simply Modern Mom.

Colorful Valentine

I love this valentine from The Long Thread. Great for teachers to give to students or for kiddos to trade with friends. If only my coworkers would appreciate a tie dye crayon. Hmm….She’s also offering up the card as a free printable, so get over there!

A Year’s Worth of Dates

I saw this idea from Shauna at My Mix of Six and just fell in love! She did this as a Christmas gift, but I think it fits nicely as a Valentine’s (or anniversary) gift as well. Basically, I made a card for each month with a date idea on it. Then on the first day of each month, he can open that month’s envelope. Then we’ll decide on a time to go.  Most of my activities are fun things around Birmingham that we rarely do or have always meant to check out. I’m looking forward to trying out some new things!

A few of the cards

This was fun to put together and it’s the gift the gives all year long.  🙂 This doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Most of the things I chose, we have gift cards for or coupons or they’re free activities- like hiking. The fun part is, you take all the guess work out and they get a ‘surprise’ outing every month.

New in the Shop: Sweet Little Notes

Posted up some sweet teensy note card sets. Go check em out here!