A Little Slice of Heaven

|SPARK| from Jmills ENT. Jeremy Miller on Vimeo.

I’m convinced this is my heaven. The cinematography,  the music, and of course, the content. Holy cow..can I come live here forever? So nice to see this little bit of perfect in such a crazy and chaotic world.

The video was taken at the Spark event back in the fall. Oh, what I would’ve given to attend. This thing looks like it was the most magical place on Earth.

And if you’re wondering about the hairspray photo transfer you see around 2:06, go see a tutorial here from Erin Bassett who actually learned the technique at this very event!

Now excuse me, while I go hang newspaper puffs and cupcake liner garland from my trees…..



One response to “A Little Slice of Heaven

  1. Bonnie

    O.K. I’m ready to move now : ) What a beautiful place! And you’re right everything, the music, scenery, just the simplicity of it all, goes together so perfectly. I LOVE seeing all the people working together & helping each other. ~Magical & Inspiring~ Thanks for sharing!

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