Valentines for the bookworm

Aren’t these fabric bookmarks from mmmcrafts so cute? What a great way to use up fabric and ribbon scraps.

Click over here for the tutorial.


3 responses to “Valentines for the bookworm

  1. samantha

    Lauren! I LOVE these and definitely plan to copy the idea for my work buddies : ) I really think you do a great job with your blog by the way. You’ve turned me on to The Civil Wars also. I’ve listened to that song on repeat for days now!

    Hope things are great with you! Samantha (Hall) Hurst

  2. laurenmakes

    hey girl! thanks. i’m trying to be a better blogger this year. i think these are perfect for coworkers. especially those in publishing 🙂

    i’ve listened to that song at least 100 times. 100.5 turned me on to them and i’m so glad. they were actually at workplay last week. 100.5 had them in the studio before the show for a few live, acoustic numbers. it was great!

  3. This is adorable. I loved the way she made it too, like a book.

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