Vintage Cateye Glasses Onesie

I love this vintage cateye glasses onesie Ashley Ann made for her daughter (her little face is priceless!). It’s just precious and oh so clever. Head over here for the full tutorial.

Ashley Ann has the most beautiful pictures of her adorable family and tons of great crafty ideas. If you haven’t already checked her out, go now!


3 responses to “Vintage Cateye Glasses Onesie

  1. So cute! I have 5 baby showers before June. I always make a blanket and like to make a onesie too. I’ll add this to the to-do list.

  2. Cynthia

    How do you know Ashley? That’s so crazy, we went to undergrad together! I saw this picture on your blog, then on her hubby’s FB page, and I thought I losing my mind. Glad you credited her. She’s INCREDIBLE–supermom, a super photographer, and insanely talented. Love her… but then so are you (insanely talented).

  3. laurenmakes

    Cynthia, that’s so funny! I just happened upon Ashley in the blog world. She IS supermom and a wonderful photographer. I love her blog!

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