2 years ago…

I married my sweetie.

It’s been such a wonderful ride….

And I’m so excited to see where life takes us.

2 years down, forever to go!

Off to have a wonderful dinner, enjoy anniversary cupcakes and champagne!


7 responses to “2 years ago…

  1. YAY! Congrats on 2 years, still love the pictures 🙂

  2. stephanie

    happy anniversary date twin!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Your photos are gorgeous.

  4. Congrats! The bottom edge on your dress is really pretty. We do anniversary cupcakes too, because rather than a typical wedding cake we had a cupcake tree. Did you have cupcakes at your wedding also?

  5. laurenmakes

    thanks every one!

    leigh, we didn’t have cupcakes at the wedding…but I do love that idea! since our wedding, our cake lady has gone from making cakes on the side to opening her own storefront! she still does cakes, but has fresh baked cupcakes daily. i was a slacker this year and just swung in for cupcakes instead of ordering an anniversary cake ahead of time. they were just as delish

  6. Jennifer

    Happy belated anniversary, Lauren. 🙂 The best is yet to come…

  7. Happy belated anniversary! Pictures are great!

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