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Sweater vases

Here’s a way to keep your table or desk cozy and reuse an old sweater. These were inspired by these ceramic candles at Anthropologie.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Old vases, coffee, soup or small paint cans
  • A sweater (mine was thrifted for $1.99)
  • Glue gun

I first started with my glass vases. I used the ends of the sleeves for these. Just pull it down around your vase to measure the length and cut. Be sure to leave a little extra to tuck around the bottom. You want the end of the sleeve to go around the top of your vase and the frazzled cut end can just tuck itself underneath. The sleeve should fit snuggly around your vase, so no glue is necessary! When you’re tired of the look, pull em off and you can reuse your vase. ­čÖé

These are pretty by themselves, but are also pretty filled with flowers or twigs or lit up at night with a candle inside (there’s no fabric inside, so no fire hazard!).

After you’ve used both of your sleeves with the cuffs, you can still use the rest of the sleeve, but you’ll have frazzled edges. If you want a clean edge like I did, gluing will be necessary.┬á I just secured the edges around the inside of my coffee can and hot glued, then did the same for the bottom. Since you’ll have fabric on the inside of this one, I’d avoid putting any type of candle inside.

But it does make one mighty fine pencil cup!


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