(Last Minute) Gift Idea: Magazine Subscriptions

This year I gave a ton of magazine subscriptions as gifts. They can be very inexpensive, there’s something out there for everyone and I see it as the gift that keeps on giving year round! 🙂 Amazon runs specials frequently for $5 subscriptions and any google search for the title you’re looking for + ‘discounts’ will most likely lead you to a good deal. All the subscriptions I picked up were $4-10.

I made up little cards to let each person know which magazine they were getting and when the first issue should arrive. I tried to pull the newest cover from each magazine. All were easily found through google searches.

I handled about 15 gifts with just an hour of clicking. No crazy crowds for me!


3 responses to “(Last Minute) Gift Idea: Magazine Subscriptions

  1. This is an awesome idea, Lauren. Affordable, but still thoughtful and really a gift that will give all year long. =)

  2. Great idea – its the gift that keeps on giving!

  3. We did that last year and it is so easy. I also love that photo of LL Cool J. ;P

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