Personalized gift wrap

I promised myself I wouldn’t go out and buy any gift wrap this year and I’ve stuck to it! I’ve mainly gone with brown contractor’s paper I bought almost a year ago at Lowe’s. This $9 roll has lasted me forever! A box wrapped in brown paper definitely gives you a blank canvas to work from. I’ve been trying to find ways to dress it up. Here’s one of my favorites. It takes a little effort, but I really like how it comes out.

Start by printing out your names in a font of your choice.

I used a light box, but you could also use tracing paper…or if you’re lucky, a Cricut, which would allow you to skip this whole silly tracing process.

Trace the names onto a pretty paper. I traced on the back of my paper so I wouldn’t have to worry about any accidents I might have while tracing.

Cut out name with scissors. You can adhere it to your package with glue or spray adhesive.



4 responses to “Personalized gift wrap

  1. This is very cool. I love it. I’ve been using things I have for gift wrap. Bags, kraft paper and un-used paper.

    And, I have to rub it in. I just found out that a Cricket *MAY* be my gift from my parents. I’m dying. Seriously. I cannot wait. =)

  2. What a great way to add personalization to the gift!

  3. That looks like it belongs in Real Simple- so pretty!

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