Giving Thanks

I found out about this wonderful site sponsored by Xerox from my friend Carrie. You pick out a card (that was designed/drawn by a child), and you choose the personalized message to put on the back. They have messages to choose from or you can write your own. Then Xerox will print and send it to a soldier fighting overseas.

As we’re thinking about gifts this season, let’s remember our soldiers around the world fighting to protect our precious gift of freedom. This is a wonderful way to do something special for our troops.  We should all take a moment to send a quick thank you. It’s really the least we can do when compared with all they’ve done and continue to do for us. 🙂

Click here to send your card now.


One response to “Giving Thanks

  1. Marty Finn

    Hi there,

    This is a fantastic idea!

    I work for State Farm and we’re currently sponsoring a site, If you have someone you want to specifically thank for protecting our country (or for anything else), you can share your story on the site and even send the link to the special person you’re thankful for!

    It’s so important to let our men and women fighting for us how thankful we all truly are, so hopefully tools like these will help get the message to them!

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