Gift Idea: Etched mugs

We’re in week 4 of the Dare to DIY party going on over at the NewlyWoodward’s. This week’s challenge is ‘Dare to…give homemade gifts’. This was the perfect week for me because I made my own personal goal months ago to really strive hard to go all handmade this year. While I haven’t met my goal completely, I’d say 80% of my gifts have some handmade aspect to them.

I made my brothers’ Christmas gifts way back in August. I was thinking of etching a glass mug for each of them and when I saw these awesome mugs in, get this, the dollar tree(!), I knew I had to roll with it.

So sorry I didn’t get step my step pictures. I was so wrapped up learning how to work with the etching cream, that I didn’t stop to document. There are tons of great tutorials for glass etching. Here’s one I quickly found on Rachael Ray’s site.

Basically, I used scrapbooking letter stickers for their initials. Then I cut a square out of contact paper and used the reverse. I made sure everything was securely pressed down to the glass, so none of the etching cream would slip underneath my stickers. I dabbed the cream on all the exposed glass with a paint brush, let it sit according to the directions, and then washed off.

It took me about an hour to do all three because apparently, I’m unable to cut a square out of contact paper. ha! But I think overall, they turned out nicely. And for around $5 a pop, you can’t beat it!

Now, I’m going to cross my fingers that my brothers don’t somehow magically become interested in my blog and see their prezzies before Christmas!

Head over to Kim’s to check out all the great ideas everyone contributed this week!

And check back this week for more homemade gift ideas from myself and other talented folks I’ve found out in the bloggy world.


6 responses to “Gift Idea: Etched mugs

  1. This is awesome, Lauren. I have never tried etching cream, but I may have to, now. I love how you did the square.

  2. These look great. I didn’t get a chance to do my handmade gifts post (life got the best of me), but I’ve always wanted to try etching cream. I love the idea of the square on the back!

  3. First of all.. you must be awesome because your name is Lauren 🙂

    Secondly, I LOVE this idea!! I bought my friends something like this for their wedding gift. I might have to try this! Thanks for the great idea!

  4. That looks like something out of Pottery Barn. Awesome! I’ve always wanted to try that but been intimated. I thought I’d make some huge mess. You’ve inspired me though!

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