Tomato cage Christmas tree

Like most of America, we’re really watching our pennies this Christmas. I’ve made a lot of our Christmas gifts and am definitely shopping around for deals. I really wanted a little live or faux prelit tree to sit next to our front door, but after seeing how much those little suckers run ($70 at Lowe’s!), I knew I had to find a cheaper way. You’ve probably seen these tomato cage Christmas trees around the’s my version.

What you need

  • a planter
  • tomato cage
  • 2-3 real or fake garland
  • 1 prelit garland or a small string of lights.

I cut the bottom ring of the tomato cage so it would fit into my planter. It fight tightly, so I didn’t need to secure it. If you want to, you could fill with dirt or styrofoam and secure it that way.

Then you just take your garland and start wrapping it around the cage. I started at the bottom and wrapped up. My garland had wire in it, so I just wrapped branches here and there to secure it to the cage. If you don’t have prelit garland, then wrap your lights around and you’re done!


Since I had the planter on hand, I only spent $10 total on this little project! It took me around 15 minutes and even the husband was impressed. When he saw my supplies he was weary, but I proved him wrong 🙂

I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am preparing for Christmas!


16 responses to “Tomato cage Christmas tree

  1. kelliebelle

    That came out SO cute!!

  2. Awesome job. I’m totally trying this. I saw the card holder, but this is so much better. And, I actually have several tomato cages on-hand. =)

  3. This is super cute!! I’d never guess how you made it just from the “after” pic. Very clever.

  4. Great job! That looks amazing!

  5. Wow! I hadn’t seen that before. It is awesome!

  6. What a great idea, that is SO cute! Thanks so much for the instructions, I’ll be linking.

  7. Kellie

    Great job Lauren, I love it! I only wish I had a planter hanging around that I could do this with! Maybe next year 🙂

  8. Brigette

    Thats awesome!!!!! What a great idea!!!!!!!

  9. edie3

    Cheap and easy, my favorite things! It turned out so cute!

  10. Great idea, and turned out great!!


    barbara jean

  11. mattandkikismith

    Wow! That looks great!! Wish that I would have seen this before buying our outdoor trees last year!!

  12. I still love it. =)

    And, I love the pot you have it in!

  13. This is really cool – and so much cheaper than the ones that I’ve seen at Home Depot and Lowes. Do you ever have a problem with it blowing over in the wind?

  14. Jess

    What a great idea! No one would ever know it’s a transformed tomato cage.

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  16. Linda

    Love this. How long was the garland you used?

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