Happy Deck

I knew when I saw Karla’s deck over at Kim’s, that I had to pull a copy cat! I just love outdoor globe lighting. It sets such a warm, happy atmosphere. And our super dark, uninviting deck could definitely use some happy.


We didn’t have all the materials laying around like Karla did, so we headed over to Lowe’s and stocked up. We bought 2″x2″ boards, which I painted white. Mark drilled them into the deck. We screwed in a white cup hook at the top and up the lights went. Total cost was around $53. We even sprung for the lights that do lots of cool actions for those times when we want to rave on our porch 🙂


Just wanted to share. It was such an easy, quick and inexpensive project that has such a large impact. I love it!



4 responses to “Happy Deck

  1. kelliebelle

    I also may have to steal this idea! But, not until spring….the wind has been crazy here and I’m expecting the snow not to hold out too much longer…..

  2. That looks so pretty. And sounds super easy. Enjoy!

  3. Kim

    Do you even understand how jealous I am. I’m hoping that we paint and seal our deck next year, and then we can add this. Love it. It looks so great.

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