So sorry for the lapse in posting. Things have been super busy with work and I’ve just been enjoying the fall weather. 🙂

Last year, I saw this Booing idea in the blog world and thought it was a fun idea. After hearing about my friend Stephanie getting booed by her neighbors this year, I wanted to give it a shot at getting it started in our neighborhood.

Basically, you drop a little goodie bag filled with treats on an unsuspecting neighbor’s doorstep for them to find. The directions inside tell them to Boo two other neighbors within 48 hours. After you’ve been ‘Booed’ you’re supposed to hang the little sign on your door, so you don’t get booed twice.

So I gathered my supplies….mostly from the dollar tree. Printed out my boo signs and went on my way to the two houses I picked.DSCF8214

Results are mixed. The neighbors I gifted hung their signs, but I haven’t seen anymore, so I don’t think they gave to two neighbors. I did this last Sunday. Bummer that it didn’t start a wave, but at least two houses got surprises! 🙂

For more information and to download the poem and signs, visit


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