Kid’s art table organizer

CIJA09wagi_DSC4962_1_FPOsmallerphotos by Brian Francis

After I lost my job last October, I was fortunate enough to get hired on as a freelancer to work on projects for Lowe’s Creative Ideas.  I got paid to make. It was amazing! Sadly, when I was rehired full time to do other duties, I had to give it up. In the next week or so, I’ll be sharing all of the projects I had the opportunity to work on.

This is a project I did for the July/August issue. I used a child’s apron, folded it in half and attached with velcro to the table. I stenciled the pattern with a piece of PVC pipe.

Here’s a link with more details.


7 responses to “Kid’s art table organizer

  1. Kim

    Very clever. I love that you just take something simple like a child’s apron. Very cool! Cannot wait to see more.

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  3. This would have been so great when we were living in an appartment and didn’t have a lot of space. I love that it’s made from an apron, and printed with PVC!

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