Strawberry Milkshake

This polka dotted strawberry milkshake by Sweet Paul is almost too pretty to drink!

Photo by Alexandra Grabewski

Pretty chandelier


Tanna over at Suite Living made this pretty little chandelier from dental floss, circle sticker labels and a metal wreath frame. I actually did this back in December. I hung them in my windows and pretended it was snow (you know we don’t get much that stuff in Alabama). I like it hung as a chandelier much more.

You could use this as a baby mobile, in a guest room, or hung over a table for a party. Those labels come in a variety of colors and if they don’t have what you’re looking for, get out those markers and go to town 🙂

Happy Monday

I got the best surprise today! Southern Living was having a prop sale. For those that don’t know, our magazines randomly ‘clean out’ their prop closets from shoots and let employees shop for deeply discounted prices. Yes, I company perk ever, right? They only accepted cash, which I have little of, so that kept my purchases to a minimum. I could’ve walked out with the entire room, I promise.

I decided to stick with plates to create a plate wall somewhere in the house. I also couldn’t pass on a platter and bowl that will look perfect on my Thanksgiving table…when I grow up enough to have my own Thanksgiving table. 🙂 Oh, and the sweetest yellow petal teacup!

Here’s my loot….


And that teacup I was telling you about…isn’t it precious?


Tall Cupcakes

It’s no secret that I love super teeny, tiny things. Usually for me, the smaller the better. But as a 6’0″ lady, I had to love these tall cupcakes by SugarBloom Cupcakes. She was sweet enough to put together a tutorial.

tall cupcake raindropsraindrops cut

Click over to see how she does it.

Yoyo Wall art

Isn’t this so pretty?

Kylee at My Yellow Balloon made lots of pretty yoyos and hot glued them on fabric. Then she framed it in a quilting frame.

I know, I know..tons of wall art posts. I just can’t help myself!

Watercolor Initials

I found this idea on Blissfully Domestic the other night. Aren’t they pretty? Click here for directions.

I didn’t let not having a kiddo around stop me. I really wanted to try it out! Here’s mine before I pulled off the contact paper. It’s not quite as pretty as the toddlers’ paintings above, but Mark let me hang it on the fridge anyway. 😀


Nearly free wall art

This weekend I happened into Office Depot on a pretty magical day. It was Teacher Appreciation Day! So not only did I get free breakfast for the hubs, but I found some great deals! Tons was 75% off and I was all about helping them clear out their inventory. My favorite scores were two silver document frames, 50 cents a piece and a HUGE roll of contact paper for only $5.

Here’s what I did with the frames….

They were already matted and everything, so I just printed out our first initial on a sheet of cardstock.


A manly ‘M’ for Mark and a lady like ‘L’ for me 🙂


I’m sure eventually we’ll frame something else, but for a quick fix, I think it’ll do.

All for a grand total of $1!


Apologies for the awful picture. It was tough to get them both in the shot. And I couldn’t get rid of the ‘orbs’ floating around. I’m pretty sure they’re ghosties 😮