Pink, girly work shower

My friend Dawn and I threw a little work shower for our coworker today. She wanted something with a Parisian feel (they’re honeymooning in Paris) and really girly (like the bride! :D) Speaking of the bride, here she is! We had a pom left over and I had her hold it as a bouquet. hehe


I’m so sad I couldn’t get many pictures. My camera died. But here’s a few shots from the shower.  It’s hard to convert a conference room into a space for a shower, but I think we did ok. 🙂  For food we had chocolate covered strawberries, baby bites, fruit, and a variety of cheeses and crackers.



Our talented coworker Catherine created two beautiful floral arrangements for us. This one she did in a cupcake stand.


Of course I had to make flags. The flags are supposed to say ‘sweet love’ in French (i used google translator). I overheard at the shower they actually say tender or soft love. At least it wasn’t ‘i hate you’. haha. And those little sweet treats are Baby Bites…delicious itty bitty bite sized cakes from Pastry Art here in Homewood. If you’re in town, you have to try them. Soo good!

DSCF7329The runner is gift wrap I bought for our wedding and never really had a use for since.  It turned out to be just perfect for this!

DSCF7332Drink station. We had sparkling pink punch with and without champagne and labeled them accordingly. I used this recipe. It was so good!

Throwing parties is always so much fun. Can’t wait til the next one! 🙂


2 responses to “Pink, girly work shower

  1. Kim

    Cute cute. You did an awesome job and the bride is adorable.

  2. Heather Beard (Wilson)

    Cute. Great job Lauren. I agree the bride is adorable. She will enjoy Paris.

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