Homemade Donuts

These are quickly becoming a weekend favorite at our household and I don’t mind one bit. They are so super easy! These are so crispy and sweet. The husband tells me he’d rather have these than Krispy Kreme, which if you’ve ever had a Krispy Kreme donut, you’d know..that is a huge compliment!


Here’s what you need….vegetable oil and premade biscuits for the donuts (I used Pillsbury Golden Layers Buttermilk biscuits, but any should work fine). Milk, vanilla and powdered sugar for the icing.

You can cut your donuts a variety of ways. Mom said when she made these when we were younger she just cut the biscuit into 4, but I like them to look like little donuts/donutholes so I use a round cookie cutter. You could use a fun cookie cutter shape too. Whatever works for you!


Once your biscuits are cut, drop them in hot oil. You want your oil about halfway up the donut. If you’ve never fried before, this may take some practice. You want to get your grease hot, but then turn it down. You really have to get the right temperature. Otherwise you’ll have a burned outside and an undone inside (not good!) or if it’s not hot enough, your little biscuit will be totally soaked through with grease. Be sure to flip frequently!


After all the donuts are fried up, you want to coat them in your glaze. I don’t have exact measurement for the glaze. Just a splash of vanilla and then the right powdered sugar/milk ratio until you get the consistency you’re looking for. I’ve also tried coating them in a sugar/cinnamon mix which was quite good, but we prefer the glazed variety around here.


I didn’t get pictures of the finished product because my husband inhaled them as soon as I was finished. Just imagine those pretty little fried biscuits glistening with glaze and you get the picture.

Oh, and once your oil cools down, pour it into a mason jar to use for next time! The grease doesn’t get very dirty with these little guys, so it’s easy to reuse. (this is a tip from my gma. For as long as I can remember she’s saved her grease. Smart lady!)

Hope you all enjoy these sweet breakfast treats!


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