My little claim to fame…

At my former job, the one I was recently laid off from, I was a production girl. It’s a hard thing giving a break down of what production people do, but trust me it’s super important! We handle lots of those loose ends and at the end of an issue, we really have nothing to show for it.

We were a little short staffed a couple of months ago and since I have some graphic design experience, they asked me to help out with a layout. Well, lookie what I got in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago! My layout, there in print. A finished product. Even though I’m no longer working there, this still made me so happy to see something I did actually in print!

Here’s the cover (not done by me, but very pretty)


And here’s my little layout!


And if you haven’t already, go to The site is filled with great ideas. While you’re there, sign up for the magazine. It’s free and has tons of decorating and project ideas.


2 responses to “My little claim to fame…

  1. Congrats on being published, it looks great!

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