Scalloped Tree Skirt


I love this tree skirt from Raya at the paper pony. The scalloped edge is so sweet. I only wished I would’ve found this a couple of weeks ago! Another project on the list for next Christmas.


Faux tree goodness

I’ve been seeing so many cute cone trees lately!

Check out Joi’s beautiful ribbon trees. She was inspired after seeing something similar in a Coach store. So pretty!


Also, yet another project from Ali Edwards. Can you tell I sorta kinda like her? She just has so much awesome stuff and I wouldn’t be a good blogger friend if I didn’t pass it along!

These button trees are A-dorable. Starting my button collection asap so I can try this next year.

And last but not least, these too cute for words felt trees from Danielle Thompson. They look like they’re straight out of a candy dream land. So whimsical and fun. Check out all of her Christmas decor. I want it all!


My little claim to fame…

At my former job, the one I was recently laid off from, I was a production girl. It’s a hard thing giving a break down of what production people do, but trust me it’s super important! We handle lots of those loose ends and at the end of an issue, we really have nothing to show for it.

We were a little short staffed a couple of months ago and since I have some graphic design experience, they asked me to help out with a layout. Well, lookie what I got in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago! My layout, there in print. A finished product. Even though I’m no longer working there, this still made me so happy to see something I did actually in print!

Here’s the cover (not done by me, but very pretty)


And here’s my little layout!


And if you haven’t already, go to The site is filled with great ideas. While you’re there, sign up for the magazine. It’s free and has tons of decorating and project ideas.

Get yourselves to OfficeMax, stat!

I don’t know about you guys, but I lovve posters. I’ve been wanting to blow up one of our professional pics for a while now. I only have rights to two images at the moment and we’ve just been poor, so I haven’t just yet. But my good friends at OfficeMax have a deal that I just couldn’t pass up. Their 18×24″ prints are only $5.99 through Saturday! I think they usually run around $30. That’s one awesome deal, folks.

My mind is reeling with gift ideas..I better get on the ball if I’m going to make the Saturday deadline. The guy at my store said the deal may run through Christmas, but they won’t know until Saturday.

Anyhow…here’s my poster! I picked up a cheapo frame from Walmart. Total cost with the poster was around $25. I think it’s pretty fancy..Now, where to hang? hmm….

Nice Winter Soundtrack


The girls of the Hotel Cafe Tour have put out a very nice Christmas Album that I’m pretty much in love with. If anyone is still at a loss as what to get me this holiday…this is the newest addition to my wishlist. 🙂  Still kicking myself for not going to their show while they were in Birmingham. ah well…

Take a listen for yourself.

Hold the press…

I actually finished a craft! This is quite the accomplishment for me. Often times I get so caught up in finding pretty, neat things online that I can’t find the time to try them out. And usually on the occasion I do happen to start a project I either don’t finish it or it turns out to be a bust.

So I’m proud to announce, my felt garland. And please excuse the blurriness of the photos. I had to go no flash to really see the colors. I should’ve dragged the tripod out.


I originally saw the idea from Ali Edwards a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been working on it on and off for about a week now. I bought the large felt sheets from Hobby Lobby and cut into small squares. They were not all perfectly the same size by any means. I think a little variation makes it more fun. I threaded the squares together with floral wire.


It’s a very time consuming project, but it’s nice because you really don’t have to ‘think’.

And just for kicks..check out our new foyer! More info to come soon on this little makeover. No stockings yet. Those are also on the ‘to do’ list.


We used this for our wedding last year. We hung 2 on the doors of the reception hall with a satin sash with our initials on it. My mom put these together. I love how simple and bold they are. I’ll probably rehang them for Valentine’s day as well 🙂


Just beautiful


I am so in love with this Kyoto quilt from Amy Butler. Isn’t it gorgeous? I love the stitched flowers. Learning to quilt is definitely on my list of things to do!

Ribbon Wreath

Elise made this adorable wreath from cardboard, cotton squares and ribbon. So easy and just adorable! She has lots of holiday ideas, go check her out!

Half eaten Gingerbread men

How adorable are these cookie cutters? Poor little gingerbread people. You just can’t help being so delicious.

Mail surprise!

My fellow Dec. 07 nesties and I decided to have a little Christmas swap last week. We had a handmade theme, so all gifts were to be handmade by the giver or purchased through etsy or a craft show. Sort of a ‘give it to the man’ theme too, I suppose. 🙂

Even though I knew it was coming, I was still excited silly to see a huuge box on my front door step when we got home from Atlanta. My secret nestie made me a fun, festive wreath complete with our initial that’s already hanging on our door. I love all the glittery ornaments!dscf4486

And she got an oilcloth lunch bag from etsy seller, Rick Rack Queen, with my initial embroidered on the front. I’ve been dying for one of these little lunch bags. I can’t wait to use this at my new job!


I’m so excited about my gifts. Thank you so much Tiff!