Rehearsal dinner invitations

Just thought I’d show what I’ve been busy with lately. My step mother in law’s son is getting married at the beach in October and since she’s co-hosting the dinner and wanted to send some business my way, she asked me to make them!

They’re having a casual crawfish boil for the rehearsal dinner and were actually using blue gingham tablecloths, so the ribbon worked out perfectly.

She’s using sunflowers throughout the wedding, so we made sure to include that. And how lucky were we to find a stamp to match? I am such a stickler about stamps at least coordinating and get so frustrated when nothing is available! I’m still thrilled that we found these.

I made up little labels for the return addresses and printed all the addresses on my awesome new printer! Lots of work on these, but I think they turned out pretty cute. 🙂


6 responses to “Rehearsal dinner invitations

  1. stephanie

    those are SO awesome!! you’re so talented, lauren!!!

  2. Those are SUPER cute!!

    So are we allowed to say “I knew her when…” after you get all famous?

  3. Kim

    CUTE! Great work!
    Love the envelopes.

  4. Those are awesome! I love them!

  5. MOM

    Those are adorable! I bet the new daughter in law loves them. My creative baby girl! Love Ya’

  6. thebevmeister

    Those are so great!!! I love how you coordinated everything, and the envelopes are great!

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