Update: Ice Cream Sandwiches

I mentioned that I found some of the ice cream sandwich molds at walmart about a month ago. I finally got a chance to try them out.

They were pretty easy to use. I used premade chocolate chip cookie dough. You want to make sure the cookies are big enough for the mold, but not too big so you get the most out of your dough. Actually, now that I think of it, you could not even worry with dividing it out. Just fill the whole cookie sheet and stamp out of that. You’ll have extra cooked cookie leftover…just put that in a bowl and feed to your husband or boyfriend 🙂

I waited about a minute or two after pulling them out to start stamping. You want them to be a little warm so they’re easy to cut, but not too hot b/c they’ll fall apart.

After you cut them out, let them cool all the way off so they’re harder and easier to work with. You put one half of the cookie into the mold, a scoop of ice cream, then another cookie.

Push what I like to call the ‘squisher’. And you’ll mash your little sandwich together and stamp the design into the top cookie.

And there you have it! The cutest little ice cream sandwiches ever. I’d recommend using a different type cookie as it was hard to see the cow and pig face in the chocolate chip…but they were delicious!


3 responses to “Update: Ice Cream Sandwiches

  1. Ashlee Wetherington

    those are adorable! i love the step by step photos, too.

  2. *A*

    Those are so cute! I’ve never seen anything like that. I’m going to have to get some now. Great tutorial, too! 🙂

  3. lauren

    thanks guys! it was a tad bit difficult with ice cream melting, but I think they came out ok 🙂

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