Gift for baby bro

My little brother graduated college this past Saturday. I started his gift about a month or so, as soon as I read about Flickr’s letter pools. He’s moving into a new place and I thought he could use some cool artwork.

Basically, people take pictures of letters on signage all around. I spent hours sifting through photos, trying to figure out the perfect combination (there are thousands!). Since most of the photos aren’t a standard photo size, I resized them all with a black border. I just so happened to find a frame at Ross with the correct number of spaces for Bryan’s name. If you aren’t so lucky, you could always buy a blank poster frame and have a matte cut.

This pool finds letters in everyday things like bicycle wheels or hand railing.

I think these would make great personalized gifts!


5 responses to “Gift for baby bro

  1. Stephanie

    oooooooh this is neat!

  2. Kim & Ryan

    I LOVE THIS! Thanks for the tip! =) I really want to do this with our last name for the den!

  3. *A*

    Very cute Idea!!

  4. Moni

    What a great idea!

  5. Ualla

    I love this!!! I’m definitely going to have to make one for someone.
    PS-you’re brother is lucky to have such a thoughtful and creative sister.

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