I honestly did not go in search of the following images. They somehow all found me in the past couple of days. And I’ve gotta say..they’re a little disturbing. I almost didn’t want to post..but I had to share the ridiculousness.

Please tell me this isn’t a trend!

1. Skirt (who would wear this in public!?). , 2. cell phone charm, 3. panties, 4. men’s underwear, 5. knitted pillow, 6. earrings


5 responses to “Seriously??


    I thought the cell phone charm was an elephant at first. And who wouldn’t rock a boob pillow?!? LOL

  2. Stephanie

    what thaaaaaaa..

  3. Ashlee Wetherington

    hahaha… so i’m sure you ordered a bunch of stuff from there 😉

  4. sherbieface

    These would have come in very handy when trying to explain the pregnant man to a group of 7th grade girls last week. I couldn’t draw ovaries and a uterus to save my life.

  5. Emily Ann

    haha! That is crazy. Sadly, I can think of someone that would probably buy some of that – the same chick that posted “ovulating and hoping to get pregnant” as her myspace status! lol

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