Wishlist, pt. 3

Other random things that are totally awesome


Ever since I bought the Martha Stewart baker’s twine at Micheal’s, I have been dying to get my hands on more. I especially love the big spools of the stuff. So much cheaper and I’m sure easier to use than those piddly Martha versions I bought.

Here are some current faves:

This orange spool is so bright and cheery

Here is the blue version of my Martha twine. Scroll to the very bottom to see other colors. I’d love to get the red & brown eventually too.

Tovolo Ice Cream Sandwich Molds.

When I was little we would make our own ice cream sandwiches after we made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. We would just scoop some ice cream between the cookies, smoosh, wrap and sit in the freezer. These molds take it to a whole nother level.

How cute are these?

I found the lowest price on the farm animal set here .


3 responses to “Wishlist, pt. 3

  1. Ashlee Wetherington

    lauren, what a great find! those are ADORABLE!

  2. laursgirl626

    HI, I’m a fellow nestie, I just wanted to let you know that I was at Marshall’s this weekend here in Michigan, and they had those molds. I couldn’t resist the farm animal set, and they were only $8.00, so you might want to check your own local store too!

  3. lauren

    awesome! i’ll have to look next time i’m out. thanks!

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