Valentine’s Day

I’m way late on this. I haven’t gotten into a routine blog schedule just yet, so bare with me.

Mark and I agreed not to do present for Valentine’s Day, just dinner. He wound up being sick, so I had to do SOMETHING to celebrate in all the wonderful red, pink, and hearts glory. As is often the solution, cupcakes to the rescue.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I will probably never be a wonderful baker or be able to make my food beautiful. I am however pretty crafty with the paper, so I incorporated my design skills and super handy circle puncher and came up with these cute cupcake ‘flags’.

I used the Beatles’ lyric “All you need is love” Poor hubby thought it was Dave Matthews. 🙂

Mark ate a few of the not so pretty ones. I could only fit 18 into my cake carrier. If only I had a cupcake carrier. If anybody could use one, it’s me!

This one from target is quite nice and would make for a very nice birthday gift. poke, poke, nudge, nudge 😉


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