More cuppycakes!

We drove down to Tuscaloosa for a friend’s wedding today. Actually, the new Caldwell family, who I bought the Est. sign for. 🙂

I just got a new punch this week that I wanted to try out and I’ve been dying to use yellow lately, so I decided to take some cupcakes for the happy couple.

I think they turned out so cute, but I think the new punch is going back to the Hob. Hubs literally had to punch that little thing to get it to stamp. I think he was as proud of these as I was! 🙂 He was such a good helper.

I did 3 designs…

After they were eaten…. 🙂


It’s a Boy!

Mark and I are expecting…

a new nephew!

Mark’s sister Christy and her husband Joe just found out that they’ll be having a little boy this July. We planned on visiting for a night while Mark was training in Atlanta, so I put this little gift together to celebrate the good news.

The Mini Winis were my favorite part. I crack myself up sometimes. haha…And how cute are those little shoes!

Close up of super cool baby shoes and card I made for them.

Congrats Christy and Joe!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom’s birthday was Monday! Sorry I didn’t give out a shout out on that day. I’ve been slacking on keeping up on my posts.

I’m the world’s worst about sending out cards on time. By the time I remember, it’s too late and the birthday is gone. This year I planned ahead. Since I couldn’t be there with Mom to celebrate, I made her a ‘birthday in a box’ 🙂

Her package included supplies to make cupcakes, the mix, icing, cupcake holders, sprinkles and of course personalized cupcake flags (my first time making this type and I’m very pleased with how they came out)! I also made a personalized notepad and picked up some cheesestraws from a local bakery. Oh and earrings. I didn’t feel like all the homemade stuff was enough….

Here’s her banner I included as well….

Hope you had a happy birthday mom!!

Neat Gift Idea

Not a craft of my own, but I had to give a shout out. I only wish I knew her secret and I’d be making these things like hot cakes. 🙂

A couple of friends of ours are getting married at the end of March. Their gift just came in this week and I absolutely love it. I think it’s the perfect gift when you don’t want to just buy off of the registry. I love it and want one of my very own!….just gotta decide on a color.

I ordered from Sheila’s etsy shop. She was very easy to work with. There are a variety of fonts, colors and sizes to choose from. Check her out!

Valentine’s Day

I’m way late on this. I haven’t gotten into a routine blog schedule just yet, so bare with me.

Mark and I agreed not to do present for Valentine’s Day, just dinner. He wound up being sick, so I had to do SOMETHING to celebrate in all the wonderful red, pink, and hearts glory. As is often the solution, cupcakes to the rescue.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I will probably never be a wonderful baker or be able to make my food beautiful. I am however pretty crafty with the paper, so I incorporated my design skills and super handy circle puncher and came up with these cute cupcake ‘flags’.

I used the Beatles’ lyric “All you need is love” Poor hubby thought it was Dave Matthews. 🙂

Mark ate a few of the not so pretty ones. I could only fit 18 into my cake carrier. If only I had a cupcake carrier. If anybody could use one, it’s me!

This one from target is quite nice and would make for a very nice birthday gift. poke, poke, nudge, nudge 😉