Work Evites

We’ve had a few showers here at work in the past few months and I was asked to make e-vites. It’s pretty fun taking a break from the regular workday to make these!

The first is a wedding shower, fiesta, type get together for my friend Kate. We were meeting at a Mexican restaurant, hence the atypical shower invite. 🙂

I also did a baby shower invite. Just a simple girly and pink design.


New start!

With the huge amount of DIY, project blogs I’ve been seeing pop up from nestie and knotties to more professional blogs, I decided to join the crew.

I’m so all over the place, who really knows what this blog will contain. I’d like to say I’ll stick to DIY projects, paper things and such, but there really is no telling. I do lots of little random things that often time turn out to be pretty darn cute and I thought it was time to not only document it, but possibly share some of my ideas with others.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy!